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Donations to your Parish

You may financially support our parishes even if you are not able to attend in person right now.

The following methods are available to you:

  1. Through the pre-authorized giving program or 'SAG program' of monthly scheduled giving.

  2. Electronic Funds Transfer directly from you financial institution to the parish.

  3. You may also drop your envelope in the rectory mailbox - JUST LET FATHER KNOW if/when you do this.

To electronically transfer funds from your financial institution

 1) Send it to one of the the parish email addresses below:

For Sacred Heart Parish in Kimberley, please use:


For St. Joseph's Mission in Jaffray, please use:



For St. Anthony's Church in Canal Flats, please use:

In the Message box please be sure to indicate the following:

  1. Sunday Collection, or

  2. Name of the Special Collection you want to donate to, or

  3. Mass intention, if you are asking for a Mass to be offered

  4. If you are giving to multiple collections, please indicate the amount allotted to each one, thank you,

3) Because this will be deposited directly into the corresponding parish bank account, you will no longer need to set up a security question. 

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