Donations to the Parish

On the weekend of June 6/7 we are returning to public celebrations of the Mass in our Parishes -- Alleluia!!

However the pandemic is not over, therefore we are doing so under strict guidelines (link) we continue to have various ways parishioners can support the parish if you are unable to or uncomfortable with returning to Mass at this time.

1)  Bring you envelop or donation with you to Mass and place it in the secure collection box at the church entrance, it will be picked up at the end of each Mass.

2)  Through the 'SAG program' of monthly scheduled giving.

3)  The Diocese of Nelson has implemented electronic giving for 24/7 donations to the parish.*

4)  You may also let the Pastor know if you wish to drop your envelope in his mailbox.

*Please read the instructions below when using the e-transfer option.

1) when you electronically transfer please send it to this email address:

2) in the Message box please ensure that you indicate the following:

Parish Name and Location

- What the donation is for  (ie. Sunday Collection.)

3) you will need to set up a security question, at least 3 digits/letters that the administrator will be able to answer (example might be your envelope number, if your number is "1" you need to enter "001" as the answer).

“Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first-fruits of all your crops” (Proverbs 3:9).


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